Industry Temperature Check: Conversation with Rich Romano, Senior Director Transportation, BMS

Join us for the next installment in the Pharma Freight video series where we sit down with Rich Romano, Senior Director Global Transportation & Storage at BMS. We dug into the heightened sense of awareness around the globe, and how that’s affecting supply chain decisions. Rich tells us how he and his team got through the pandemic with close strategic collaborations with logistics partners, always with patients in mind first. But what really keeps Rich up at night is the shortage of talent coming into logistics and supply chain. Industry is massively investing in technology to automate using software, robotics etc. But will technology happen quick enough to fill the talent gap?


About Rich Romano

Rich Romano, Senior Director Global Transportation & Storage has been leading efforts in pre-commercial transportation at Bristol Myers Squibb for the past five years. Rich’s deep understanding of temperature control supply chain is rooted in 33 years at DHL across a multitude of roles in Operations, Customer Care and Business Development.

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