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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my own account for shipping?

Yes, we can ship collect or third party using your account information.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is calculated based on dimensional size or physical weight, whichever is larger typically. The larger or heavier the shipment, the more freight will cost. Additionally, distance from the facility shipping to its destination is a large contributing factor to freight cost.

Product FAQs

Can I request a sample?

We can do samples on most catalog items, please email us here with your request and the shipping address and we will let you know if we can fulfill your request.

How long will my gel pack or foam brick stay frozen?

The length of time a gel pack will remain frozen can vary dependent on the size, shape, temperature exposure, and pack out of the shipment.

A child or pet has consumed gel from a Polar Pack. What should I do?

Our Polar Packs are non-toxic and do not contain any hazardous materials. They should not be dangerous if small quantities have been consumed. If large quantities have been consumed please consult a physician immediately.

My gel pack or foam brick says “single use only”, does this mean I need to dispose after one use?

No, you do not need to dispose after a single use. You may re-use our gel packs or foam bricks as many times as you see fit. We can only guarantee its effectiveness in its unused form. If the outer film is punctured or compromised in any way, the performance of the product will consequently degrade.

Do coolpacks have a shelf life?

Sonoco ThermoSafe does not give Refrigerant products a shelf life. We have full confidence in our products but because of variability in storage environments, we feel physical and empirical assessments are a more robust indicator for users.

The criteria for establishing suitability is physical condition: There are no leaks and no structural damage likely to have weakened the product.

Do I need special labels to ship using dry ice?

Yes, there is a requirement to use package markings to indicate the use of dry ice, UN1845 marking and the quantity of dry ice in the package.  Search online to purchase or download labels that meet these requirements.


How do I dispose of my gel pack?

Our Polar Pack gel packs are mainly comprised of a water based solution. The best way to dispose is by cutting them open and draining the gel into the trash. Over time the gel will evaporate. The plastic film is not accepted in typical recycling bins and is required to be taken to a recycling facility to be properly disposed of.

Can I dump my gel pack down the drain?

This is not recommended. Even though our Polar Packs use a water based solution, the gelatinous matter could aid in plumbing buildup if there is any pre-existing blockage. To be safe, please dispose our gel packs in your normal waste stream. Preferably, you can cut the gel pack open and drain into the trash then recycle the film at a local recycling facility.

How can I recycle my EPS shipper?

You can recycle your EPS packaging by taking it to a specified drop off location (a program may NOT exist in your area).

The majority of EPS recycling locations listed are intended to serve as outlets for EPS packaging only. Each EPS collection site has distinct criteria regarding the types of material they accept. Food service EPS materials are usually NOT accepted. To make sure you have a successful EPS recycling experience, we recommend the following:

  1. Once you have identified the closest collection site, call for drop-off times and check to see what types of polystyrene material they accept.
  2. Make sure your EPS is clean and free of any tape, plastic film, labels, loose parts or glued-on cardboard. Empty any coolers or other EPS cartons since food or medical waste is prohibited.
  3. Check to see if they accept other recyclables to streamline your recycling efforts.

Can I recycle PUR or VIP shippers?

These materials are not accepted at traditional recycling facilities and must brought to a local industrial waste facility to be properly disposed.

How can I dispose of my PureTemp PCM?

Please refer here.