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Find the winning balance of cost and performance

Custom packaging design from ThermoSafe balances your shipping needs against the bottom line.

The result is a solution optimized for your product, processes and parameters:

  • Specific ambient profile
  • Payload dimensions
  • Duration
  • Min/max load
  • Temperature range


Industry-leading thermal modeling lets us predict performance with extreme accuracy. Thermal simulations let us investigate multiple options and save time, while fine-tuning initial designs without requiring chamber testing.

Multiple design choices are presented clearly, so you can easily weigh your options. Materials including EPS, PUR,VIP, EPP and phase change materials are prototyped as necessary.

Thermal testing and distribution testing prove the chosen packaging solution maintains temperature control and also withstands the rigors of distribution.

Qualification includes protocols and in-depth reports.

  • Installation Qualification
    • Material characterization for all materials
  • Operational Qualification
    • Triplicate test chamber procedures prove design repeatability.
  • Performance Qualification
    • Actual shipments to monitor internal and external air temperatures. Provides additional assurance and supporting documentation.

Contact us to create your custom packaging solution.