PharmaPort 360

PharmaPort® 360

The best 5°c protection for shipping high value, temperature sensitive products

No One Offers Better 5°C Protection For Shipping High Value, Temperature Sensitive Products

Exclusive Pro-Tectic® Temperature Storage Technology offers active cooling and heating to maintain tight temperature control and uniformity through a range of severe ambient environments from -40°C to +60°C.

  • Precise 5°C Temperature Control
  • Rechargeable Using Standard 100-240VAC Power
  • Energy Efficient, Internally Powered in Transport
  • Advanced Monitoring and Tracking

PharmaPort® 360 Advantage

  • Designed by experienced pharmaceutical refrigeration, preservation and controlled storage engineers
  • Proprietary technology meets or exceeds World Health Organization “Cold Chain Storage and Distribution” guidelines
  • Self-contained after charging, Pro-Tectic® Temperature Storage Technology eliminates HAZMAT costs associated with dry ice; uses no CO2 or LN2 and minimizes external impact on storage area, and reduces need for insulative packaging
  • High-efficiency composite wall insulation is rated at >R70 to tolerate extreme ambient differentials while maintaining straight-line 5°C storage temperature
  • Comprehensive data logging continues during recharge and transport modes
  • The 100% solid surface container base permits forklift access from all sides to simplify handling and warehousing, to optimize the center of gravity and to resist tipping
  • Eliminates the need for a refrigerated truck